About Us

SECUI is a group of top security experts with best technical skills

Since its foundation in 2020, SECUI has concentrated on developing network security technology and now aims to become a global leader in security market.

SECUI has been concentrating on network security technology development after founded in 2000. We are now starting to have international security company as a target.
SECUI has been recognized for its competence and potential throughout the world, and continuously making new stories with pleasant corporate culture, innovative process, creative thinking and passionate activities. From development, consulting, SI service and more, SECUI's ethic for management is based on providing best technology, excellent quality and superior products / services to the customers. As a No.1 security company in Korea, we will always comply with our social responsibilities

  • Pursues products with the world's best technologies and quality

    Pursue products with world's best technology and quality

  • Responds to every request of customers any time 24/7

    Respond to customer's request 24/7

  • Leads good corporate culture of integrity, tranparency, and ethics

    Create a right corporate culture with integrity, transparency, and ethic