About Us

Ethical Management

SECUI who prefers honest company management, to become a respected and trusted company, for the correct behavior and value judgement that all employee needs to keep, we promise as follows
  • 01

    We will become a leading company that contributes to the country and society, and contribute in regional community development through healthy and sound corporate activites.

  • 02

    We will draw a clear line between private and public matters based on our values of honesty and sincerity. and will take the lead in creating a transparent corporate culture with an elevated sense of moral obligation and responsibility.

  • 03

    The company will respect employee and employee will try to become a person who contribute in developing company based on understanding and mutual trust.

  • 04

    We will emphasis customer and provide the best product and service with the trust with customer, and fulfill promise we've made with customer.

SECUI We accept information about employee dishonesty/corruption.
Your valuable information is going to be foundation of fulfilling ethical management.

  • Information category

    • fact of taking a bribe or misappropriation of public money of employee
    • fact of providing or demanding valuable, entertain
    • double job finding of employee
    • unreasonable business handling of employee
    • fact of the corruption of public morals according to sexual harassment
    • things that are violated in other ethical principle
  • Report method

    • E-mail :
    • Phone : +82-2-3783-6670
    • Address : 5-7F·11F, 48, Sogong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea (10-1, 2nd Street, Hoehyeon-ro)
  • The information received will be processed as shortly as possible.
  • By our policy, informats should report with their real names. Such information will be kept completely confidential. in addition, the informats will be protected from any exposure of their identity or information from which their identity could be inferred.