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Training Activities

SECUI MF2 Training
Beginner Intermediate Advanced
  • Firewall basics
  • General network configuration
  • Administrator configuration
  • Policy configuration
  • NAT/Hacking defense configuration
  • Log configuration
  • How to change from stand-alone to bridge HA
  • Bridge HA, Route HA configuration
  • VIP configuration and practice
  • Fail-Over Test
  • Understanding logs(accept and deny logs)
  • Understanding session logs
  • Commands and usage
  • Logconv and filter usage
  • Tcpdump, Troubleshooting
Beginner Intermediate Advanced
  • SECUI MFI system introduction
  • SECUI MFI system installation
  • SECUI MFI network configuration and policy configuration
  • How to change from stand-alone to HA
  • SECUI MFI configuration practice
  • How to search logs
  • How to analyze logs
  • Commands and usage
  • Tcpdump, Troubleshooting
SECUI MFD Training
Beginner Intermediate Advanced
  • SECUI MFD introduction
  • SECUI MFD installation
  • SECUI MFD operations
  • CLI and utility s/w usage
  • Logs and database configuration
  • Understanding anti-ddos defense module
  • Understanding the detection method and operation method of supported attack types
  • Trouble Shooting Guide
  • Attack status analysis through log analysis
  • Threshold configuration through traffic analysis
  • BMT guide
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