Security Intelligence Platform



Provide the Security Automation integrated security platform through integrated threat analysis of distributed security systems, collection of a large number of logs, intuitive integrated settings, security policy analysis and optimization


Security Automation
  • Real-time multi-dimensional analysis
    • Use the real-time monitoring and multi-dimensional analysis of the current status of systems/threats for various threat response policies
    Real-time multi-dimensional analysis
  • Integrated threat settings management
    • Provide convenience by intuitively managing integrated settings based on the result of real-time multi-dimensional threat/policy analysis
    Integrated threat settings management
  • Security policy analysis, optimization
    • Prevent human errors by auto-collecting, validating, optimizing of the security policy for all managed devices
    Security policy analysis, optimization
  • Security policy management automation
    • One-Stop solution that automates the security policy management process from policy request to application
    Security policy management automation

Key functions

Threat detection

Detecting threats multi-dimensionally and providing visibility by interworking all network security devices and global threat data

Threat detection
Policy distribution/synchronization

Convenient integrated settings based on automatic synchronization that can set up time
Can perform individual functions during synchronization through background execution

Policy distribution/synchronization
Policy management automation

Provide One-Stop policy management that prevents human errors by automating firewall policy applications and managing the application history

Policy management automation
Log management

Increase the convenience of distributed storage of environmental logs through centralized management

Log management
Open API

Can interwork policy control and log data by providing Open API

Open API

Hardware Specification

BLUEMAX TAMS 100 1000 5000
CPU 4 Core 10 Core 10 Core x 2
Memory 8 GB 64 GB 128 GB
Storage System 1 TB 256 GB SSD x 2 256 GB SSD x 2
Log - 4 TB x 2 / 4 TB x 4 4 TB x 2 / 4 TB x 4 / 4 TB x 6
Interface 10G Fiber - (max 2) (max 2)
1G Fiber - (max 2) (max 2)
1G Copper 2 4 4
Power Supply Single Dual Dual
Size 1U 2U 2U
Number of Devices(max) 100 1,000 5,000
Policy Automation -
Policy Analysis -