AI for Cyber Security Platform

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differentiated Managed Security services

1AI-based Managed Security services
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3Global Standard Level

Major Control Service

SECUI Managed Security Services AI Managed

Security System Service Type

Category Service Optional Services

Solution Integration Event Monitoring (24 * 365)

  • Security system failure / performance monitoring (Alive Check)
  • Integrated security event monitoring
  • Failure monitoring

Cyber incident response service

  • Hot-line support in case of intrusion
  • Provide incident response and analysis report

Reporting Services

  • Send Monthly Control Service Report / Provide periodic security information
  • Ability to view customer reports through the Web

Technical Support (24 hours)

  • Security Technical Support
  • Service improvements and complaints received

Security Solution Operation Service

  • Real-time log backup

Security Solution Delivery

  • Security Solution Leasing Service

Security Solution Operation Service

  • Security Solution Remote Management / Operation
  • Security Policy Configuration and Remote Update
Detect malicious URLs Detect malware route for domain (URL) operated by customer  
Detect vulnerability

Analyze target systems

  • Analyze information flow and derive expected vulnerability
  • Define the target system to check for vulnerabilities

Mock Hacking and Vulnerability Checking

  • Hacking the system / service in the same position as the hacker
  • Check for data leakage and internal accessibility of malicious code / APT attack type
  • Vulnerability Checker and Vulnerability Check

Establish improvement tasks

  • Diagnostic report on vulnerability and cause analysis
  • Suggest measures for major causes by diagnosis area
  • Quick fix based on priorities / Short-term / long-term improvement tasks

Mock penetration test

  • Penetration testing of customer's operating system in the same environment as external hacker
Hacking mail mock training

Simulated training in a pattern similar to actual malicious mail

  • Send hacking mail (malicious / spam) to employees with a fictitious account
  • If you click on the link and click Attachment
  • The hacking mail reader recognizes the infection and reports it