AI for Cyber Security Platform

SECUI is providing professional and customer-oriented information protection consulting targeting private enterprise and nation main information communication infrastructure.

Consulting classification Features Subject of application Necessary period
Analysis and evaluation of weakness of main information communication and e-banking infrastructure Information protection consulting service to establish protection measure and weakness analysis/evaluation about main information communication infrastructure of main information communication and e-banking infrastructure protection
  • main information communication, e-banking infrastructure management facility, jurisdiction central administrative agency
3 weeks
Provide certification of ISO/IEC27001, KISA-ISMS/PIMS Providing certification consulting service to achieve private information protection management system and information protection management system certification
  • company who is wanting to use information protection as a strategy
  • company who is trying to adopt standard information protection or private information protection management system
  • subject of duty: company who has to achieve ISMS according to 「law related to information network system encouragement of use and information protection」
3 months
Private information influence evaluation Private information integrated security management service that prevents leak/violation of private information and provides follow-up service
  • company that use/collect/save private information in customer service process
  • subject of duty: private file and selected processing system operated by public institution according to private information protection act no.2-6(when therer is change or establishing)
1 month
Diagnosis of simulation hacking/security weakness Fulfill technological diagnosis of target system including penetration testing by CERT organization, and provide countermeasure
  • company who is willing to secure technological safety of information system
2 weeks
Combination security Customer-oriented consulting service that perform diagnosis, analysis, plan, master plan targeting managerial, technical, physical security of normal company or organization
  • company/organization who needs information protection master plan through diagnosis and understanding of current situation
3 months