AI for Cyber Security Platform

Why do you need the on-site Managed security Services?

It is necessary to establish professional Managed security Services and operating systems for information systems to effectively respond to increasing security threats and intelligent hacking attacks.

Provide professional on-site Managed security Services for effective prevention, detection and response system against the cyber incidents.

  • 24x365 on-site Managed security Services

    24x365 on-site Managed security Services

    • To respond to the global service business, the existing managed security services has to limit the response (lack of night / holiday security control, etc.)
    • Since currently 24x365 system is difficult to respond quickly to incident, requires high-quality security control services
  • Increased security threats to your business, including web hacking and malicious code attacks

    Increased security threats to your business,including web hacking and malicious code attacks

    • Since the end of 2015, cases of malicious code-infected employees have been damagedCorporate image crashes in case of
    • homepage tampering and service blocking attack
  • Security specialist

    Security specialist

    • Due to simple and frequent tasks such as firewall policy,limitations on high value tasks such as analysis / prevention of infringement
    • Security service requires a professional security partner who can continue to support quality control


Enhance the stability of information assets and business competitiveness for cyber incidents.

Business Support Plan

We support the cyber threat response and the stable operation of the security target system through the professional security support organization with business experience and know-how

Support Plan
Collects security equipment detection policies and logs
Optimization for Security Policy

Service details

Category Dispatch Optional services
Place Customer on-site  
Service Target
  • network security solution (F / W, I (D) PS, WAF, DDoS, Webshell)
  • Internal Control Solutions
  • External / internal convergence control
  • Advanced threat detection through dedicated monitoring personnel
  • Flexible control range
Requirement man power
  • Depends on task scope about (24 * 365) 12 ~ 15 persons
Main Agent
  • Professional monitoring / CERT / PM / consultant management
Service operation
  • Service operation It is possible to establish the control procedure according to customer environment.
  • Higher work control and security due to 24 * 365 control by itself (early response to field work)
  • Dedicated CERT operation (can directly analyze damage system)
Education and technical transfer
  • Technical synergies through collaborations with internal security organizations in training and technology transfer