AI for Cyber Security Platform

AI for Cyber Security Platform GOVERNANCEMAX


Meet an AI-based Security Operation Service Platform (Intelligent Analysis Platform) using in-depth technology-based analysis and artificial intelligence "Watson"

Key Functions

Service Architecture

SECUI provides various customized security services such as remote control, dispatch control and hybrid control according to customer's business environment.

  • Remote Control
    Remote Control SECUI’s professional personnel remotely provides connecting security solutions, 24/7 monitoring, breach response and other services through SECUI's Global Security Control Center.
  • Dispatch Control
    Dispatch Control SECUI dispatches professional personnel with business building experience and know-how to customers to provide cyber security response and stable operation of target system.
  • Hybrid Control
    Hybrid Control Service that adds the advantages of Remote Control + Dispatch Control
    · Biz Hrs : Dispatch Control
    · Non-Biz Hrs : Remote Control
  • Security Operation Service

    • Monitoring/analyzing (24/7 real time monitoring)
    • Response to infringement incidents (Analysis and recovery support for infringement accidents)
    • Security system operation (optimized operation and management of security system)
    • Rental/maintenance (security solution lease and maintenance)
  • Professional Service

    • Information protection consulting (management system, compliance, personal information)
    • Simulated hacking (analysis of information flow and identification of vulnerabilities from hacker's point of view)
    • Threat Intelligence → Proactive attack detection based on domestic and foreign infringement indicators
    • Forensic infringement investigation (forensic experts and technology provision)


AI Security Operation Service at a Global Level.

Experts Provides stable control services through experts of information security consulting, building integrated system and security control.
Extensive data SECUI has extensive international threat intelligence data of X-Force and STIC.
* STIC (SECUI Threat Intelligence Center)
Global competency Provides intelligent SOC implementation and operation based on global control business experience.
UCL(Use Case Library) Automating manual threat analysis to respond within minutes using global use case library.
Watson For Cyber Security When a security incident is sent to the Watson For Cyber Security Center, Watson provides threat probabilities and suggestions based on the concerned data and its own information.

Service Features

Expected Service Effects

SECUI enhances customer’s threat response ability to secure information asset stability, growing business competitiveness.

Expected Service Effects