Total cloud security service built on a single platform

CloudMAX is an integrated cloud security service platform optimized to cloud environments.

Security solutions are built into SECUI's service platform, providing multi-tenancy and usage-based billing system to customers. Customers can view service details and receive reports on real-time through managed portal.

CloudMAX Service Platform

Why 'CloudMAX' Matters

As threats on cloud environment increase day by day, enterprises' expense for managing cloud security also increase. But shortage on cloud security experts result in necessity for an alternative service.

CloudMAX is an on-demand, and pay-as-you-go security service optimized for analysis and response of cloud security threats, while reducing TCO of cloud security operation similar to public cloud services like AWS

Provides usage-based cloud security services

CloudMAX Services

CloudMAX provides a pre-customized security service depending on the various cloud environments, different customers needs and an easy integrated management through a dedicated service portal.
SECUI's cloud security experts provide optimized cloud security services.

Dedicated Service Portal

Customers can view service details, and receive reports through the dedicated service portal.


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